“From Ordinary to Luxury” is based on the glazed and unglazed pottery from The Bumiller Collection, assembled by the late Manfred Bumiller (1928-2018). The work is both a profound study of Central Asian ceramics and the start of the new series “Studies on The Bumiller Collection” dedicated to the development of the collection of the University Museum of Islamic Art in Bamberg.

Pierre Siméon’s expertise and hands-on experience as an archaeologist are invaluable assets for the knowledge of Iranian and Central Asian pottery. Apart from that, his study takes into account the invaluable works of our Russian colleagues, that have gone without adequate acknowledgement for decades due to the language barrier.

The study adds to the knowledge on medieval Iranian and Central Asian ceramics  a handbook for whoever works on and is interested in the field of Islamic ceramics from the area that spreads from the Zagros to the borders of China.


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