Manfred Bumiller

IMG_0203Manfred Bumiller was born on June 16, 1928 in Neuss, Germany. At the age of 15, he was WWII anti-aircraft warfare (flak) helper. At 16, he was in French captivity. He later underwent an accelerated program and got his Abitur (A-Levels) in 1948, followed by a successfully completed apprenticeship in the oil trade. Then Bumiller began to study in Cologne where he earned a degree in business administration (1952), and economics (1953). He then became assistant auditor, and in 1956 assistant tax adviser with focus on bankruptcy and debt arrangement proceedings. In 1958, he became a self-employed tax adviser and invented various tax avoidance schemes. In 1968, he started working for the pharmaceutical company “Durachemie/Hexal”. From 2000 until 2006, he was member of the Hexal Supervisory Board.

Manfred Bumiller was married twice and has three children. He lives in Bamberg, Germany, with the mother of his third child.